Honeywell Sees 35% Increase in Global Annual Sales Of Turbocharged Vehicles by 2021

Honeywell International released Thursday its Transportation Systems Forecast, saying that it expects a 35% increase in global annual sales of turbocharged vehicles, which combines both passenger and commercial vehicles; this would add more than 232 million turbocharged vehicles globally between 2017 and 2021.  Shares were down marginally in recent trade.

Honeywell added that automakers are expected to continue to adopt turbocharging technology by 48% of annual global sales by 2021.

The company said that the forecast recognizes an industry trend for slightly bigger engine sizes in Europe and China as automakers adapt powertrain strategies to tackle updated emissions regulations developed for real-world driving conditions. In addition, the forecast calls for electric boosting products to help support compliance with more stringent national environmental standards. To this end, it is anticipated that the industry will begin moving from 12-volt battery systems to 48-volt systems.